Post Declaw Surgery

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Hahira Veterinary Clinic

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     Since the surgical incisions on your cat’s paws are not completely healed by the time your pet goes home, it is important to replace the kitty litter with shredded paper (newspaper is OK, or a product called Yesterdays News) for at least two weeks.  This will prevent the grit from getting caught in the toes and possibly causing an infection. For the same reason, keep the cat confined inside and away from potting soil or dirt in which he or she might dig.

     Most cats do well after surgery and show minimal signs of discomfort when they get home. However, pain medications dispensed will not only alleviate associated pain but will also help with the healing process. Some cats, especially cats that are past kittenhood, may remain sensitive for a week or more.  As long as there is no swelling or redness that would indicate a problem, tincture of time is all that is necessary. 

     Any stitches placed in the toes will dissolve by themselves and fall out in two to four weeks.  If you have any concerns about how your cat is healing, please be sure to call the hospital at (229)794-0040.