Rattlesnake Vaccine

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With the weather getting warmer animals are starting to explore more especially snakes and we know how curious pets can be even in their own back yard.

In 2017 Georgia Poison Control reported a 50% increase in snake bites than 2016. Georgia is also home to 6 venomous snakes 3 of which are a species of rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnake bite is a veterinary emergency that results in serious injury or even death to thousands of dogs each year. Rattlesnake venom is a complex mixture of toxins that spreads through an animal’s body following the bite.

Hahira Veterinary Clinic offers a Rattlesnake vaccination to help build your pet’s immune system in case they were to be bitten by a rattlesnake. This vaccine works by stimulating an animal’s immunity to defend against potentially harmful agents, such as the venom

For more information on this vaccine or to schedule an appointment please call our office at (229)794-0040.